• innovative plastics & polymer additives for smart packaging

    Innovative Plastics & Polymer Additives for Smart Packaging

    Innovative Plastics & Polymer Additives for Smart Packaging Published on 31 Jul, 2017 The smart packaging market is gaining traction, especially among sectors such as food and pharma, and is likely to boom in the coming years.

  • innovations in smart packaging - plastics color

    Innovations In Smart Packaging - Plastics Color

    Today, the diversity of packaging options is refreshing, attractive, sensible and fun. Form truly meets function in the modern plastic packaging industry. Innovative polymer additives block harmful UV light, safeguard against counterfeiting and create aesthetically unique special effects.

  • additives for packaging

    Additives for Packaging

    Additives for Packaging Additives for packaging, be it for polyolefins or PET (the widely used plastic in packaging), are used for processing and manufacturing performance improvements and allow materials to have an assortment of enhanced properties.

  • 5 innovations that could end plastic waste | greenbiz

    5 innovations that could end plastic waste | Greenbiz

    The Circular Materials Challenge seeks ways to make all plastic packaging recyclable. This means inventing better solutions than conventional packaging, and the features that we take for granted. For example, many plastic films aren't just made of one type of polymer but a range of materials all mixed up.

  • plastics additives market size, analysis, trends (2020-25)

    Plastics Additives Market Size, Analysis, Trends (2020-25)

    A wide range of additives is available for enhancing the performance and appearance of food packaging, where polymer additives are important areas of innovation for packaging materials. All the aforementioned factors, in turn, expected to increase the demand for the PVC during the forecast period.

  • plastic packaging: here are 5 creative alternatives | world

    Plastic packaging: here are 5 creative alternatives | World

    The company makes flexible packaging from biomaterials that looks and feels like plastic and has the same durability and shelf life – but is fully compostable, including all laminates and labels, within 180 days.

  • 20 sustainable packaging innovations - board of innovation

    20 sustainable packaging innovations - Board of Innovation

    FRUSTRATION-FREE PACKAGING Tide is a Procter & Gamble (P&G) laundry detergent brand that used to be packaged in plastic containers.Through a collaboration between Amazon and P&G, Tide switched from bottles to boxes – called the Tide Eco-Box – for waste reduction, sustainability, and environmental conservation.

  • ampacet corporation | masterbatch manufacturers | plastics

    AMPACET CORPORATION | Masterbatch Manufacturers | Plastics

    Ampacet offers innovative custom additives, effects and colors that enhance the shelf appeal and quality of food and other consumer products in flexible packages. Agricultural Experience Our association with growers, resin and additive suppliers, converters, research institutions and distributors has led to a growing list of innovative

  • pack studios | innovative & accelerate sustainable packaging

    Pack Studios | Innovative & Accelerate Sustainable Packaging

    Pack Studios is a global service and network of packaging experts, equipment and testing capabilities that accelerates the collaborative development of better and sustainable packaging. We’re bringing together key contributors, technologies and influencers necessary for cultivating packaging innovation.

  • additives for polyurethane and plastics - repi

    Additives for Polyurethane and plastics - Repi

    The additives for polyurethane and thermoplastic materials produced by Repi are developed to improve the recognizability of the finished product. Discover all types.

  • anti-microbial fresh produce packaging - trendhunter.com

    Anti-Microbial Fresh Produce Packaging - TrendHunter.com

    The new fresh produce packaging technology incorporates Smart Plastic additive technology and is inserted into the plastics in small percentages in order to create "a stronger barrier against outside contamination." Initially, Veg-Fresh Farms has introduced the revolutionary fresh produce packaging film to its Brussels sprouts.