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    Industrial Organic Chemical,Chlorinated Paraffin Plasticizers

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    Chlorinated Paraffins - Coatings Ingredients Selection

    Chlorinated paraffin. Acts as a plasticizer as well as a flame retardant. Avoids embitterment of films. It is chemically inert and non-corrosive, practically non-volatile, non-flammable and imparts...

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    Chlorinated Paraffins - Vikas Ecotech

    It is typically used with phthalate plasticizers. Chlorinate Paraffins (CPS) are straight-chain hydrocarbons that have been chlorinated. They are produced from the chlorination of paraffin and made by a fraction of chemicals obtained from petroleum distillation.

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    CHLORINATED PARAFFIN - Chemicalland21.com =Chemical Answer=

    The remainder is used in plastics, fire-retardant and water-repellent fabric treatments, and in paint, rubber, caulks and sealants. ln contrast, 50% of the chlorinated paraffins consumed in western Europe is as secondaiy plasticizers in PVC and other plastics (Schenker, 1979). The chlorinated paraffins most frequently used as plastieizers for

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    Chlorinated Paraffin, PVC Plasticizer(id:2641684) Product

    More Info WhatsApp : +91-9825111239. We offer Colourless, Odourless Plasticizer - Chlorinated Paraffin. All grades with Chlorine contents 40%, 44%, 52%, 60% 65% & 68% available for all applications in PVC products manufacturing, Fire retardant in plastic and coatings.

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    Chlorinated Paraffin | CP | Supplier & Distributor | Europe

    Chlorinated Paraffin (CP) CAS : 85535-85-9. Chlorinated paraffin (CP) – is a complex chemical substance of polychlorinated n-alkanes used in multiple applications across diverse industries. The chlorination degree of Chlorinated paraffin (CP) can vary between 30 and 70 wt%. CPs are subdivided according to their carbon chain length into :