• antistatic additives & their use | ampacet corporation

    Antistatic Additives & Their Use | AMPACET CORPORATION

    The antistatic levels may need to be increased with such polar resins, or when they are blended with polyolefins. Summary. Several factors influence antistatic performance. The end application dictates the level of performance the substrate must provide. Resins, slips and other additives influence antistat behavior.

  • ampacet introduces high performance antistatic solutions

    Ampacet Introduces High Performance Antistatic Solutions

    The antistatic additives are approved for use in food packaging applications. Ampacet has introduced two antistatic additives, 102669 and 103453, that deliver excellent antistatic performance in food and industrial packaging applications, even in very dry conditions.

  • antistat masterbatch | ampacet corporation

    Antistat Masterbatch | AMPACET CORPORATION

    Non-migratory antistat masterbatches contain clear polymeric a ntistat additives that provide antistatic properties that are indpendent of atmospheric humidity. Typical applications include electronics and food packaging, medical drapes and gowns, explosives and light-sensitive products. Antistats are also used to reduce dust on packaged goods.

  • antistatic masterbatches primer | ampacet corporation

    Antistatic Masterbatches Primer | AMPACET CORPORATION

    This process depends on the unique mixture of chainlengths in a given antistatic additive. Hence certain antistatic additives lose their antistatic properties more quickly than others and are useful only as “short term antistats”. All of the GMS chemistries are susceptible to such a process. 6. Type of polymer: The polymer used for making

  • ampacet extends clarifier and antistat ranges… - sciencedirect

    Ampacet extends clarifier and antistat ranges… - ScienceDirect

    Antistatic Masterbatch 6000025-E is targeted for use in PS cups and thermoforming sheets. The new product joins the company's existing range of antistatic solutions alongside products such as Ampacet 102669 and 103453 [ADPO, May 2018]. More information: www.ampacet.com

  • ampacet introduces two antistatic agents for packaging

    Ampacet introduces two antistatic agents for packaging

    Ampacet 102669 is additionally said to be a high-performance antistatic agent. The new products are also both amine-free, so they do not interact with polycarbonate and are suitable for packing electronic components and circuits, Ampacet explains. The antistatic additives have received the necessary approval for use in food packaging applications.

  • antistatic additives market - 2020 | marketsandmarkets

    Antistatic Additives Market - 2020 | MarketsandMarkets

    A. Schulman, Arkema S.A., 3M Company, DuPont, Croda Polymers, Ampacet Corporation and so on. Scope of the report: This research report categorizes the global market for antistatic additives on the basis of mode of application, applications, types and region; forecasting volumes and revenues and analyzing trends in each of the submarkets.

  • ampacet introduces de-nesting additive masterbatch, expands

    Ampacet introduces de-nesting additive masterbatch, expands

    Masterbatch specialist Ampacet of Tarrytown, NY, USA, has introduced DeNestur™, a de-nesting additive masterbatch. The new product is claimed to provide processing benefits for thermoformers and injection moulders, faster line speeds and less waste for packagers and processors, and quick and easy single-serve food and beverage tray and cup separation for retail operators and consumers.

  • ampacet introduces a cluster of new products to boost the

    Ampacet introduces a cluster of new products to boost the

    Global masterbatch major Ampacet has launched several new products that support the development of the global circular economy for plastics. The BIAX4CE™ range aims to boost the uptake of polyethylene (PE)-based mono-material packaging, compatibilizer ReVive™ 962 E facilitates the recycling of multi-material packaging, while REC-NIR-Black High Alcohol extends the company's range of black

  • "the u.s. antistatic agents market is anticipated to grow

    "The U.S. antistatic agents market is anticipated to grow

    Antistatic agents resist static charge build-up in plastics used in different end-use industries such as automotive, food, clothing, medical, electronics, and others. Antistatic additives avoid the dissipation of dust in industrial and consumer packaging and improve the visual quality of packaging.

  • anti-static additives market growth factors, top key

    Anti-static Additives Market Growth Factors, Top Key

    Market.us has provided a complete research study on Global Anti-static Additives Market which portrays the current market situation along with the past, present, and futuristic aspects in the Anti-static Additives market. In the beginning, the report represents elemental information about the Anti-static Additives industry, which contains the