• bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl] tetrasulfide technical, ≥90%

    Bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl] tetrasulfide technical, ≥90%

    Bis[3-(triethoxysilyl) propyl] tetrasulfide technical, ≥90% (NMR) Synonym: 3,3′-Tetrathiobis(propyl-triethoxysilane), TESPTS CAS Number 40372-72-3. Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C 18 H 42 O 6 S 4 Si 2. Molecular Weight 538.95 . Beilstein/REAXYS Number 2062235 . EC Number 254-896-5. MDL number MFCD00053751. PubChem Substance ID 329750768.

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  • 4,4,15,15-tetraethoxy-3,16-dioxa-8,9,10,11-tetrathia-4,15


    Property Name Property Value Reference; Molecular Weight: 539 g/mol: Computed by PubChem 2.1 (PubChem release 2019.06.18) Hydrogen Bond Donor Count: 0: Computed by Cactvs (PubChem release 2019.06.18)

  • bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide, tech-95 | gelest, inc.


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  • bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide - united chemical

    Bis[3-(Triethoxysilyl)Propyl]Tetrasulfide - United Chemical

    Bis[3-(Triethoxysilyl)Propyl]Tetrasulfide To request a quote email customerservice@unitedchem.com. Be sure to include product code and requested quantity. For international ordering, contact your International Distributor .

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    Bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl] tetrasulfide | Sigma-Aldrich

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  • bis(triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfide - wikipedia

    Bis(triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfide - Wikipedia

    The compound was first prepared by the reaction of 3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl chloride with sodium tetrasulfide: Na 2 S 4 + 2 ClC 3 H 6 Si(OEt) 3 → S 4 [C 3 H 6 Si(OEt) 3] 2 + 2 NaCl. Bis(triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfide is a bifunctional molecule in that it contains two kinds of reactive functional groups. The tetrasulfide group is a

  • bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide | vwr

    Bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide | VWR

    CAS: 40372-72-3 MDL: MFCD00053751 EINECS: 254-896-5 . The support you need to optimize operations. Avantor Services provides a wide range of specialized services and digital solutions to help you solve complex challenges.

  • bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide: the first liquid

    Bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide: the first liquid

    This paper describes bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl] tetrasulfide (TEST) {[(C 2 H 5 O) 3 SiCH 2 CH 2 CH 2 SS] 2} 22 as the first example of a liquid sulfurizing agent found to be useful not only for the liquid-phase synthesis, but also the solid-phase synthesis of nucleoside phosphorothioates through a phosphoramidite approach. 2. Results and

  • bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide, tech-95 safety


    BIS[3-(TRIETHOXYSILYL)PROPYL]TETRASULFIDE, tech-95 Safety Data Sheet 02/10/2015 EN (English US) SDS ID: SIB1825.0 5/6 12.5. Other adverse effects Effect on ozone layer : No additional information available

  • bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide 40372-72-3 price

    Bis[3-(Triethoxysilyl)Propyl]Tetrasulfide 40372-72-3 Price

    Bis(triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfide is an organosulfur compound with the formula S4[C3H6Si(OEt)3]2 (Et = C2H5). The molecule consists of two trialkoxysilyl propyl groups linked with a polysulfide. It is often sold as a mixture with the trisulfide.

  • bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide 40372-72-3 sds

    Bis[3-(Triethoxysilyl)Propyl]Tetrasulfide 40372-72-3 SDS

    Bis[3-(Triethoxysilyl)Propyl]Tetrasulfide 40372-72-3 SDS report, Bis[3-(Triethoxysilyl)Propyl]Tetrasulfide SDS safety technical specifications search, Bis[3-(Triethoxysilyl)Propyl]Tetrasulfide safety information specifications ect.