• dibutyl adipate 96 % | 105-99-7 | sigma-aldrich

    Dibutyl adipate 96 % | 105-99-7 | Sigma-Aldrich

    Dibutyl adipate (DBA) is a plasticizer and a skin conditioning agent in cosmetics that is a mixture of a diester of butyl alcohol and adipic acid. It is soluble in water and organic solvents and does not absorb radiation in the ultraviolet region.

  • alternative plasticizer - dibutyl adipate (dba) | chemsec

    Alternative plasticizer - Dibutyl Adipate (DBA) | ChemSec

    DBA - dibutyl adipate - phthalate free plasticizer alternative. DBA is used in polar elastomers, which provides good low temperature flexibility in both PVC and polar rubbers compounds.

  • adipates - plasticisers - information center

    Adipates - Plasticisers - Information Center

    Di-(2-butoxyethyl)adipate, is used in polar elastomers, which provides good low temperature flexibility. Bis[2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethyl]adipate, is used to improve cold flexibility and/or hydrocarbons extraction in both PVC and polar rubbers compounds.

  • ewg skin deep® | what is dibutyl adipate

    EWG Skin Deep® | What is DIBUTYL ADIPATE

    plasticizer, skin-conditioning agent - emollient, solvent, emollient, film forming, plasticiser, and skin conditioning. Dibutyl Adipate is a diester of butyl alcohol and adipic acid. DIBUTYL ADIPATE, DIBUTYL ESTER HEXANEDIOIC ACID, and HEXANEDIOIC ACID, DIBUTYL ESTER

  • dibutyl adipate (adipic acid dibutyl ester)


    Its derivatives, acyl halides, anhydrides, esters, amides and nitriles, are used in making target products such as flavoring agents, internal plasticizers, pesticides, dyes, textile treatment agents, fungicides, and pharmaceuticals through further reactions of substitution, catalytic reduction, metal hydride reduction, diborane reduction, keto

  • adipate plasticizers - dioctyl adipate manufacturer from mumbai

    Adipate Plasticizers - Dioctyl Adipate Manufacturer from Mumbai

    We provide the best quality Dibutyl Adipate which is widely used in the industrial sectors as plasticizers and as organic solvents in cosmetic formulations. These chemicals are prepared under the supervision of experts by well trained professionals.

  • china dioctyl adipate cold resistant plasticizer doa - china

    China Dioctyl Adipate Cold Resistant Plasticizer Doa - China

    DIOCTYL ADIPATE(DOA) Application guide: DOA is the typical cold-resistant plasticizers with high plasticizing efficiency. Its color changes slightly when heated. It is suitable for PVC, EVC, polystyrene and synthetic rubber resins. It can make downstream products soft even at low temperature, having good light-resistance and hand-feeling.

  • dibutyl adipate | cosmetics info

    Dibutyl Adipate | Cosmetics Info

    Dibutyl Adipate is used as a plasticizer for resins and it can be found in floor waxes. Safety The safety of Dibutyl Adipate has been assessed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel.

  • diisobutyl adipate 99% | sigma-aldrich

    Diisobutyl adipate 99% | Sigma-Aldrich

    Diisobutyl adipate is a bis(2-methylpropyl) ester of adipic acid that is used as a plasticizer and a fatty acid in synthetic oils. Packaging 250 mL in poly bottle

  • di-n-butyl adipate -chemoxy international

    Di-n-butyl Adipate -Chemoxy International

    Di-n-butyl Adipate softens synthetic polymers by reducing brittleness and cracking. It also acts as lubricant on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance, and as a solvent that is used to dissolve other substances. Di-n-butyl Adipate is used as a plasticizer for resins and it can be found in floor waxes.

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    Dibutyl Adipate / DBA Manufacturers, Suppliers - Buy Best

    Dibutyl Adipate / DBA used as plasticier for ethylenic resins,cellulosic resins amd synthetic rubbers. Dibutyl Adipate / DBA also used as solvents and used in organic synthesis. Packing & Storage. 200L iron drum or plastic drum,180 kg for net weight, or according customer demand, and stored in a cool and dry place to avoid sunshine and rain.

  • dibutyl adipate cosmetic ingredient (inci)

    DIBUTYL ADIPATE Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI)

    Dibutyl adipate 7. 7 Cosmetics Ingredients containing DIBUTYL ADIPATE. Emulsifiers (1) Plasticizers (2) Solubilizers (1) Sunscreen Agents (2) Application