• heraeus zandosil® - pyrogenic silica

    Heraeus ZANDOSIL® - Pyrogenic Silica

    Pyrogenic silica of high purity is used in various applications as raw material or as functional additive to optimize product properties. Heraeus ZANDOSIL® is a high purity silica available in different product solutions: Powder, Granulate and Dispersion.

  • zandosil 30 – pyrogenic silica for industrial - heraeus

    ZANDOSIL 30 – Pyrogenic Silica for Industrial - Heraeus

    Heraeus is a premier supplier of high purity silica products for various industries, like optical fiber processing or semiconductor manufacturing equipment. As a product of our clean-room manufacturing processes in Bitterfeld, Germany, we offer pyrogenic silica powders with highest purity and low surface area. ZANDOSIL® 30 – Pyrogenic Silica for

  • zandosil - silica fume for sale, microsilica supplier-henan

    zandosil - Silica Fume for Sale, Microsilica Supplier-Henan

    Pyrogenic Silica – Zandosil – Heraeus Group. Pyrogenic silica of high purity is used for industrial processes and as functional additives to optimize product properties. Heraeus ZANDOSIL® 50 and ZANDOSIL® 30 … ZANDOSIL – Pyrogenic Silica for Industrial Applications

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    Product Beijing Honour Optics Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

    Our main product is High Purity Quartz (High Purity Silicon Dioxide SiO2 Silica): 5N 99.999%; 6N 99.9999%; High purity quartz (HPQ) or Ultra Pure Quartz is used in solar / PV industry semiconductors optical fibre telecommunications crucibles production etc.