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    EXPORT ITEM QTY IMPORT ITEM QTY PVC Compound (RT-133) 1 kg 1. PVC Resin 0.503 kg 2. Di Octyl Phathalate (DOP) 0.210 kg 3. Carbon Black 0.009 kg PVC Compound Nitrile Rubber Blend (containing 20 +/- 1% NBR, Shoe Sole Grade, RT 123) 1 kg 1. PVC Resin 0.4415 kg 2. Di-Octyl Phthalate 0.3411 kg 3. Synthetic Rubber (NBR) 0.2007 kg 4.

  • (pdf) biodegradation and biodeterioration of man-made

    (PDF) Biodegradation and biodeterioration of man-made

    DOP compared to other plasticizers (Sugatt et al., 1984). In addition, In addition, bioavailability of such substrates in soils may be reduced, thereby de creas-

  • (pdf) influence of plasticizer molecular weight

    (PDF) Influence of Plasticizer Molecular Weight

    Plasticizers are used to make PVC flexible so it can be used as a geomembrane. Plasticizers can migrate from PVC geomembranes over time because of contact with air, liquid, and/or an absorbent

  • cn104250410b - a kind of geomembrane hypotonicity

    CN104250410B - A kind of geomembrane hypotonicity

    A kind of geomembrane hypotonicity polychloroethylene composition processed, belongs to macromolecular material product and manufacture field.It is characterized in that: the present invention as main material, and adds plasticizer TOTM 40 ~ 60 parts, heat stabilizer 1 ~ 6 part, auxiliary stabilizer epoxy soybean oil 1 ~ 3 part, lubricant 0.5 ~ 1.5 part, filler 3 ~ 8 parts, chlorinated

  • the influence of molecular weight on plasticizer retention

    The influence of molecular weight on plasticizer retention

    branes is volatile loss of external plasticizers from PVC into a surrounding medium. Volatile loss from PVC is composed of two major transfer processes: • diffusion from inside the geomembrane to the geomembrane surface; and • evaporation from the geomembrane surface (Sears and Darby 1982; Wilson 1995).