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    Dioctyl Sebacate(DOS) is used as a plasticizer for PVC, nitrocelluloses, styrene resins, and synthetic rubbers where low temperature performance is required. DOS is also compliant with FDA CFR 21 for food contact materials. Dioctyl Sebacate can also be used in lubricants to allow more mobility at lower temperatures.

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    Bis(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate, or dioctyl sebacate (DOS), is a non-polar plasticizer that has two ester groups that bond with cationic compounds. It is mainly used in the formation of thin plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based membranes.

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    Dioctyl sebacate (CH2)8(COOC8H17)2, or di(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate, is an organic compoundwhich is the diester of sebacic acid and 2-ethylhexanol. It is an oily colorless liquid,Dioctyl sebacate is an ester. Esters react with acids to liberate heat along with alcohols and acids.

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    Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS) is a phthalate-free plasticizer used for PVC, nitrocelluloses, styrene resins, and synthetic rubbers where low temperature performance is required. It is soluble in hydrocarbons, alcohols, ester, chlorocarbons, ether, benzene and other organic solvents. DOS is recommended for use in adhesives and sealants. Technical Data

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    Dioctyl sebacate (DOS) is an organic chemical, a dioctyl ester of sebacic acid. It is from vegetable origin since it is processed from castor oil.

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    Dioctyl sebacate is manufactured through the esterification of sebacic acid with 2-ethyhexyl alcohol in the presence of a acid catalyst. Shipping ChemFlexx DOS is available for shipping throughout the continental United States with one (1) week lead time. Please call (401) 360-2800 for details. ChemFlexx DOS is a clear liquid shipped in 200kg

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    Decanedioic acid, dioctyl ester. Witamol 500. Sebacic acid, dioctyl ester. Sebacic Acid Di-n-octyl Ester. UNII-CG4EO6A0O2. Sebacic Acid Dioctyl Ester. EINECS 219-411-3. CG4EO6A0O2. Sebacic acid dioctyl. Di-n-octyl Decanedioate. ACMC-1BRIJ. DSSTox_CID_27537. DSSTox_RID_82403. DSSTox_GSID_47537. SCHEMBL37168. Dioctyl sebacate, AldrichCPR

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    DOS is a low temperature plasticizer for various synthetic rubbers, it has no effect on the vulcanization of rubber . 1. Introduction . 2. (1)Product name:Dioctyl Sebacate(DOS) (2) Appearance: Colou r less liquid (3)CAS NO.: 2432-87-3 (4)EINECS NO.: 219-411-3 (5)Molecular Formula: C20H37NaO7S . 2. technical Specification