• silicone rubber platinum-based catalysts | simtec

    Silicone Rubber Platinum-Based Catalysts | SIMTEC

    Description of the Platinum Chemical Reaction that Forms Silicone Rubber. The silicone industry extensively uses the platinum-catalysed hydrosilation reaction in which a silicon-hydrogen (Si-H) bond is added across an unsaturated carbon-carbon double bond (C=C) of an olefin, resulting in the formation of a silicon-carbon (Si-C) bond.

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    Injection Molding of Liquid Silicone Rubber: LSR the - SIMTEC

    One of the components contains the platinum-based catalyst. A coloring paste as well as other additives can also be added before the material enters the static mixer. In the static mixer, the components are mixed well and transferred to the cooled metering section of the injection molding of liquid silicone rubber machine.

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    Custom Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding | SIMTEC

    Since 2001, SIMTEC Silicone Parts has been a valued partner to Fortune 100 companies and other leading global businesses in the design and manufacturing of custom, high-quality Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), LSR 2-Shot (LSR/Thermoplastics), and LSR Multi-Shot (LSR/Thermoplastic/Metal) parts.

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    Curing Speeds in Silicone Rubber | SIMTEC

    Platinum Catalyst Curing. For liquid silicone rubber cured with a platinum catalyst, the increase of the processing temperature has an effect similar to increasing the amount to be cured. To optimize the speed in this case, in general, it could be said that for every ~10°C, the cure rate could be increased in approximately 20-25%.

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    Custom Injection Molding Benefits | SIMTEC

    SIMTEC Silicone Parts is a longstanding provider of custom injection molding services for businesses throughout the country. Silicone Rubber Platinum-Based Catalysts.

  • liquid silicone rubber vs high consistency rubber | simtec

    Liquid Silicone Rubber vs High Consistency Rubber | SIMTEC

    Silicone rubber is a thermoset with a backbone of alternating silicone and oxygen atoms with methyl or vinyl side groups. There are two types of silicone rubber: solid and liquid. The basic structure of the two types of silicone rubber is the same, but curing and processing are radically different.

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    SIMTEC Silicone Parts - WhaTech

    SIMTEC is a leading, US-based, global manufacturer exclusively focused on the customized, serial production of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), overmolded and 2-Shot (LSR/Thermoplastics) injection

  • silicone rubber condensation and addition cure explained

    Silicone Rubber Condensation and Addition Cure Explained

    Addition cure silicones use a platinum-based catalyst (usually 10%) while condensation cure silicones need a tin-based catalyst (usually 5%). The platinum catalyst used in addition cure silicones is susceptible to some chemicals like nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus, sulphur vulcanized rubbers and condensation cure silicone rubbers.

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    SIMTEC Silicone Parts : Quotes, Address, Contact

    SIMTEC is a research and technology driven company. Since their establishment in 2002 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, they have been continuously developing Extraordinary Solutions™ for leading industries worldwide with services ranging from prototyping to serial production of high precision Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), overmolded and Two Shot (LSR/Thermoplastics) components.

  • rtv silicone rubber|liquid silicone rubber

    Rtv silicone rubber|Liquid silicone rubber

    RTV silicone rubbers use two different types of silicone chemistry to form an elastomer: Condensation cure systems which use a tin based catalyst and addition cure systems which use platinum based catalyst.

  • trans 40 translucent silicone rubber - alumilite

    TRANS 40 Translucent Silicone Rubber - Alumilite

    Trans 40 is a translucent, platinum-based silicone rubber that is ideal for molds that require visual inspection or for creating prototype designs. Vacuum degassing is highly recommended to achieve clarity; Ideal for making simple one- and two-piece molds