• the importance of technology transfer | better world

    The Importance of Technology Transfer | Better World

    AUTM's Better World Project seeks to highlight successful examples of technology transfer, demonstrating its importance and positive impact on the world.

  • the importance of technology transfer | better world

    The Importance of Technology Transfer | Better World

    Technology transfer, the process of moving an idea from an academic lab to the marketplace, can be difficult to understand for those outside research. That's why AUTM came up with the Better World Project (BWP) more than a decade ago, to illustrate the impacts of research commercialization on the world by sharing its successes.

  • the importance of technology transfer | better world

    The Importance of Technology Transfer | Better World

    Welcome to the Better World Project Click on the video to learn more about the project. The Better World Project promotes public understanding of how academic research and technology transfer benefit you and millions of people around the world.

  • the importance of technology transfer - unemed

    The Importance of Technology Transfer - UNeMed

    Technology transfer requires a proactive approach that combines engaging researchers, promoting the technology, and encouraging potential industrial partners to use the technology. The end goal of the commercialization strategy is to establish a commercial relationship with another party (e.g., employment, a sale or license), and negotiating a

  • the advantages and disadvantages of technology transfer

    The advantages and disadvantages of technology transfer

    The world is viewed globally, and with that said it’s important to have a competitive edge and the technology transfer has become very much important to commercial business, this becomes a driver in our economy.

  • seven reasons you should choose technology transfer as your

    Seven reasons you should choose technology transfer as your

    More than 4,000 startups have been created from university technologies by technology transfer. Seven reasons you should think of technology transfer as your new career. Autm is offering a webinar that is focused on choosing technology transfer as a career. The webinar discusses the background and training needed to enter the profession of

  • 'the better world project' examines the impact of technology

    'The Better World Project' Examines the Impact of Technology

    A key element of the project is The Better World Report, a book containing 25 technology transfer cases contributed by AUTM members in the U.S. and Canada. Another important component, a Reports From the Field publication, includes 100 short stories about products used in areas such as biotechnology and veterinary science.

  • are we doing enough to support technology transfer to

    Are We Doing Enough to Support Technology Transfer to

    The spread of knowledge and ideas should help close the gap between rich countries and poor. That’s why technology transfer is one of the seven components of CGD’s Commitment to Development Index (CDI). You may remember that Denmark came out on top of the 2013 CDI overall, but it was edged out by South Korea on the technology component.

  • benefit of technology transfer to developing countries

    Benefit of Technology Transfer to Developing Countries

    The technology transfer usually occurs in a market which is imperfectly competitive and possesses no particular market structure. Since different developing countries would have different market structure, it becomes very complicated to have a generalized theory and model to find the determinant factors of technological spillover benefits to

  • technology contribution importance to developing countries

    Technology Contribution Importance To Developing Countries

    Importance of technology transfer from MNC’s to developing countries: Transfer of technology by Multinational Companies is considered as a boon to the developing countries. Every developing nation rather than depending on the cheap labor to develop economy should also focus on the intellectual capital and innovation capabilities.

  • transfer of technology to developing - the world bank


    The importance of international technology transfer (ITT) for economic development can hardly be overstated. Both the acquisition of technology and its diffusion foster productivity growth. As invention and creation processes remain overwhelmingly the province of the OECD countries, most developing countries must rely largely on

  • globalization helps spread knowledge and technology across

    Globalization Helps Spread Knowledge and Technology Across

    Nowadays, in a world that has become more integrated, innovations spread faster and through many channels. Our research in Chapter 4 of the April 2018 World Economic Outlook takes a closer look at how technology travels between countries. We find that the spread of knowledge and technology across borders has intensified because of globalization.

  • what is the role of technology in globalization?

    What Is the Role of Technology in Globalization?

    The first decades of the 21st century opened the doors to instant communication to anywhere in the world. The world's banking systems have also benefited from the ability to instantly transfer funds, simplifying long-distance transactions. Most global businesses use technology that has been available for many years, such as planes and ships.