• humidity control packets for cigars, cannabis & more - boveda

    Humidity Control Packets for Cigars, Cannabis & More - Boveda

    Shop Boveda humidity control packets by relative humidity level for tobacco, cannabis, wood instruments, food storage and more.

  • two way humidity control packs - boveda® official site

    Two Way Humidity Control Packs - Boveda® Official Site

    Boveda is the global leader in two way humidity control packs for preserving humidity sensitive products like cigars, cannabis and guitars.

  • boveda packs for cannabis - humiditypacks

    Boveda Packs for Cannabis - HumidityPacks

    Boveda Packs Description: Boveda Packs are used for keeping cigars, medical marijuana, wood or other humid sensitive products preserved for longer periods of time. BOVEDA PACKS are very effective and accurate at keeping the humidity controlled without the need for large, expensive humidors or machinery.

  • integra boost & boveda humidipacks | marijuana packaging

    Integra Boost & Boveda Humidipacks | Marijuana Packaging

    Our assortment of humidity packs help you control the moisture for marijuana buds but can also be used as humidor packs for cigar and tobacco products. If you need to ship your product, these portable moisture packets can help you maintain the quality.

  • home - humi-smart 2-way humidity control

    Home - HUMI-SMART 2-Way Humidity Control

    HUMI-SMART 2-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL. provides a perfectly stable relative humidity (RH) for the storage of a variety of products.. Our packs are designed for cigars, tobacco, herbal medicine, cannabis, food storage, spices & nuts, wood instruments, electronics, document and photo storage, and much more!

  • humiditypacks - your one stop shop for boveda & boost 2-way

    HumidityPacks - Your One Stop Shop For Boveda & Boost 2-Way

    Official Retailer of Integra Boost and Boveda Brand Two Way Humidifier Packs and Other Humidity Control Devices For Cigars, Herb, Food and Other Items Countdown to Free Shipping: $ 199.00 Home

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    Boveda Humidity Packets - CheapHumidors

    To select the proper number of packets for your humidor, you use 1 packet for every 50 cigars + 1 packet. For example: If you keep 100 cigars, you would purchase 3 packets (1 packet for each 50 cigars, plus an extra). If you store 200 cigars you would need 5 packets (1 packet for each 50 cigars, plus an extra). Easy to Use; 60 Gram Pack