• resources & videos on plating chemistries | uyemura

    Resources & videos on plating chemistries | Uyemura

    Resources and videos on ENIG and ENEPIG plating, IGEPIG process, product line cards for metal finishing products, acid copper plating and final finishes.

  • tech service for plating chemistries| uyemura

    Tech Service for Plating Chemistries| Uyemura

    Uyemura is a global success story built on customer partnerships and a culture of innovation and superb technical service. And although our focus has always been the development and refinement of high-performing chemistries, we have invested substantial resources in optimizing the equipment, controls and software tools that allow our processes

  • news on plating chemistries | uyemura

    News on Plating Chemistries | Uyemura

    Uyemura announces Talon 3 electroless palladium, a groundbreaking technology in board chemistry that allows plating directly onto copper. This development paves the way for EPIG – electroless palladium / immersion gold, a nickel-free alternative that becomes more consequential as lines become tighter and space more critical.

  • technical data sheet request for plating chemistries | uyemura

    Technical Data Sheet Request for Plating Chemistries | Uyemura

    UYEMURA Corporate Headquarters: 3990 Concours, #425 • Ontario, CA 91764 • ph: (909) 466-5635 UYEMURA Tech Center: 240 Town Line Road • Southington, CT 06489 • ph: (860) 793-4011

  • full list of plating chemistries manufactured by uyemura

    Full list of Plating Chemistries Manufactured by Uyemura

    Nimuden NPR-4 acid electroless nickel plating bath for fine line circuitry Nimuden NPR-8 mildly acidic electroless nickel-phosphorus process for nickel / gold plating Niphos 965 electrolyte for hard gold plating in reel-to-reel lines Niphos 968 bright nickel-phosphorus electrolyte for piston rods / shock absorbers

  • chemicals for plating in watertown, ct

    Chemicals for Plating in Watertown, CT

    Uyemura is a science company founded in 1848, with core competencies in the development, testing and manufacture of plating chemistries. Uyemura was the first company in the plating industry to establish a research laboratory (today, they have 5 worldwide) as an institution for interdisciplinary surface treatment research.

  • an update on 4-14 plating processes subcommittee activities

    An Update on 4-14 Plating Processes Subcommittee Activities

    George Milad, Uyemura International Corp., co-chair of the IPC 4-14 Plating Processes Subcommittee, provides an update on IPC-4556, an ENEPIG plating for printed circuit boards specification. Watch the video.

  • materials: uyemura technology improves aluminum plating

    MATERIALS: Uyemura Technology Improves Aluminum Plating

    Uyemura International Corp. has introduced ANP, an electroless nickel technology engineered to improve plating onto aluminum. Plating electroless nickel on aluminum has been problematic and costly due to the short bath life. A normal EN bath can plate steel for six to eight MTOs (36 - 48 g/l nickel plated).

  • when plating meets the jet set | products finishing

    When Plating Meets the Jet Set | Products Finishing

    Since 2007, HighTech has used products from Uyemura International for its decorative gold, satin nickel, and platinum chemistries, as well as a brass formula that remains tarnish-free for many years thanks to a high concentration of gold.

  • mntap – plating

    MnTAP – Plating

    For hexavalent chrome plating various forms of cyanide plating talk with your customers about alternative plating chemistries that might serve them better. See the fact sheet from the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center for the listing of a number of alternative plating chemistries. Resources

  • fastener technology international – october/november

    Fastener Technology International – October/November

    In addition to Uyemura’s broad line Of plating chemistries, Chemithon Surface Finishing provides its customer base with equipment and services ranging from supplies for chemical additions to chemical monitoring systems.Also available from the company are comprehensive design, fabrication and installation of completely computerized plating

  • plating : products finishing

    Plating : Products Finishing

    The Plating Zone is a library of all things plating. Research all types of metal plating and electroplating processes, chemistries and equipment. This site-within-a-site is your ultimate resource for plating articles, suppliers and products. INDUSTRY PARTNER ZONES Powder Coating Plating Liquid Coating Mechanical Finishing Cleaning Pollution